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Mothers' Union

What we stand for

The Mothers' Union is a Christian organisation with more than 3 million members in over 70 countries. Although coming from many different backgrounds, we are united by our shared belief in the importance of family values. We have strong personal links between members around the world, and we unite in prayer, worship and fellowship. Midday prayers are said every day for our members in dioceses across the globe.

Our mission
  • To promote the well-being of families worldwide. We achieve this by:

  • developing prayer and spiritual growth in families

  • studying and reflecting on family life and marriage and its place in society

  • resourcing our members for practical action to improve conditions for families, nationally and in the communities in which they live.

What we do

Our members support family life where there is a need within their own communities. We are involved in a great diversity of activities from worldwide literacy development and providing aid in disaster areas overseas, to parenting projects, working in prisons, helping to provide holidays for people whose family life has met with adversity and many other projects in the UK.

What we offer

Joining the Mothers' Union offers opportunities for:

  • meeting, working and sharing with others

  • demonstrating your commitment to Christian family life

  • becoming involved with projects helping your own community

  • running schemes that provide a resource for your parish

  • campaigning to improve conditions for families

  • exploring and developing your own spirituality

  • contributing to society's debate on family issues

  • becoming part of a global fellowship of members linking women around the world 



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