Coronavirus - What is St Nicolas doing?

These are unprecedented times. Almost every hour we are faced with new information and new challenges to our daily lives. We may be fearful or uncertain, perhaps confined to home and unable to have visitors or shop for essentials. As Christians, we believe firmly that God stands foursquare with us as we respond.

We are working hard to develop ways of supporting everyone in this parish who so wishes to be part of of our Christian fellowship despite not being able to meet together physically.

Our regular church services have had to be suspended, but we are now able to offer live streaming of services and we will be posting messages and videos on this website, as well as by email. Please see the links below for information as it develops.

Services via live streaming

We have been working on our ability to do this, and the first live stream was on Sunday March 29th.

You can see all our services and video messages here

Prayer requests

Please visit our Prayer page

Messages from our Ministry Team

Weekly Update

Alan Jenkins   27 March 2020

Funeral Reflection

If you can't attend a funeral you may find this reflection helpful:

Some Words of Encouragement

Alan Jenkins   21 March 2020

Weekly Update

Alan Jenkins   8 April 2020

Weekly Update

Alan Jenkins   2 April 2020

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