Youth at St Nicolas

Our youth group is a place for anyone who is secondary age to meet together, make friends and discuss different topics whilst thinking about what the Bible has to say about these things.  

We're called DiT - which stands for disciples in training, not because you're going to be told what to think but because part of Christianity is the belief that everyone is still learning and finding out more together!


We meet on some Sunday evenings in term time between 6pm and 7:30pm either at Bookham Youth Centre or at someone's house.

DiT evenings have a variety of different activities in them, and the chance to think about God's place in our daily lives.

       Throughout each term there will also be trips to other places, we've gone Laser Questing, on a day trip to Brighton and to visit a special Celebration for Young People at Soul Survivor, Watford.

Every week we tend to start with an activity or game (if you're up for it!) or if you'd rather not just a chance to catch up with friends and chat for a bit.  There is also food of some description (including large amounts of biscuits!) and a discussion or short teaching about a topic.  This group is somewhere you can come with questions about God, faith or just some of the stuff life's throwing at you.  Nothing is off limits!


You don't need to be a Christian to come along, anyone is always welcome and your views and opinions will always be respected.

DiT isn't about someone telling you what to think - it's your chance to decide what you think.