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Family Fun Events & other activities

Throughout the year we hold Family Fun Events.  These events are for any family who lives in our local area.  You don't need to go to Church, you don't need to bring anything and you don't need to pay for anything!  These events truly are for everyone and we love it when new families come to join us at these fun afternoons.  You are always welcome, no matter what!

We will keep this page updated with specific details of each fun afternoon but there are similarities between all fun afternoons.  There will be a variety of different crafts and activities, a cafè area for you to get a hot drink and a piece of cake and a short story where we all gather together.  Some of the events will have facepainting, some will have games and in the summer we go outside - unless we're having a British summer!

What the parents say

"I just wanted to say how wonderful the advent celebration was ... My little boy has been carrying his bag of creations all round the house and is reluctant to let it out of his sight. We only managed to get there for the last half hour but it was absolutely brilliant! A child's paradise and a really lovely atmosphere."

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