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Stewardship campaign 2022

Our campaign to keep our church finances in shape for the future and to resolve our present budget issues started on Sunday July 24th with a presentation in church by the Treasurer, Nick Garrett, and with readings and a sermon by Barbara McDonald on the subject of giving.

Please do review the service on YouTube at the link below, and you can also download the presentation made at the  time.

Should you wish to start giving regularly, please click here for details of how to do so. If you already give regularly and wish to change your Standing Order, please contact your bank directly.

'Giving Generously', Sunday 24  July 2022, 10am

The Bible has a lot to say about joyful and generous giving - here is some of it. An excerpt of our service comprising the 2022 Stewardship presentation, readings, sermon and intercessions.

Please note there is an error in the Treasurer's presentation. £1,200 per week is quoted as the amount we get other than from gifts - that number should be £800 per week.

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