Parish Documents

This page contains links to documents that are relevant to the life and administration of the church. They are intended to be the current versions, but should not be relied on without checking with our Parish Administrator.


Safeguarding Policy

PCC Declarations

St Nicolas Trustee Declaration

St Nicolas Financial Liability

Specific Expense Control Guidelines

St Nicolas Control over the Approval and Payment of Invoices and Expense Claims

St Nicolas Control over the Approval of Large Items of Expenditure

St Nicolas Guidelines for Use of CAF Business Card

Policies and Procedures

St Nicolas Financial Code

St Nicolas Financial Control Policies

St Nicolas Investment Policy

St Nicolas Reserves Policy

St Nicolas Legacy Policy

St Nicolas Outward Giving Policy

St Nicolas Procedures for Church Safes, Key Holders and Cash Handling

Guidance on Managing Conflict of Interest

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

General Data Protection Notice

General Data Protection Notice – Role Holder

Data Breach Procedure

Health and Safety

St Nicolas Health and Safety Policy

St Nicolas Food Safety Policy

St Nicolas Risk Assessment Form

Example of Completed Risk Assessment

Accident Report Form

Near Miss Report Form

Charity number 1127867

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