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KidsAlive! After School Club

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KidsAlive! is our After-School Club for 4-7 year olds.  We meet every Thursday term time 3pm - 4.30pm in the Church Room.   Drop-off time between 3 & 3.30pm and Collection between 4.20 and 4.30pm.  You don't need to come to St Nicolas - or any church - to be truly welcome at KidsAlive!   
KidsAlive! is free for all children

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Each week we  have free-play time with lots of different games and toys and optional arts & crafts activities.  This will run for the whole of drop-off time and 10 minutes after so that children don't miss any activities.   We also have time for adult-led game (parachute games, musical games, obstacle courses etc.), a brief snack time & a story time.

Bible story time is in Church form 4pm- 4.15pm.  We invite parents & younger/older sliblings to come and join us for the story time so you can see what we get up to, but that you collect your child/ren from the Church Room. 

A space for parents to sit and chat over tea and coffee is available in the Church.  This space also includes toys for babies and toddlers.  There is no requirement for parents to stay, however we are aware it is easier for some to do so and want to make this easy for you!

We will provide a snack of biscuits or fruit and water, no-added-sugar squash or milk for children to choose from.  We will also offer "treat snacks" some weeks. If you wish to provide your child with an additional/alternative snack you are welcome to do so but please let us know and please DO NOT give your child anything with nuts in.

On the registration form we ask that you let us know about any medical conditions including food intolerances or allergies, if none are declared we will assume that there is nothing which your child is unable to eat.  It is therefore really important you let us know of any dietary requirements.

Some Practicalities

If your child will not be collected by the person who dropped them off please tell us when you drop your child off.  We will ask for the name of the person who will collect them and, if we feel it is necessary, reserve the right to ask the person collecting for photo ID (Driver's License etc.) We ask that all children are collected from the Church Room between 4.20 and 4.30pm

Including all children

We invite all children to be part of KidsAlive! and seek to provide them with the best experience possible.  We believe that God welcomes all and we work hard to show that with our actions and attitudes in all of our children's work.  We welcome children from different faith backgrounds and from no faith backgrounds.

We invite children who have any additional needs to join the fun we have at KidsAlive! If your child has any additional needs we do ask that you let us know on their registration form so that we can support them.  If you would like to discuss any needs which your child has in more detail please contact Ruth, our Children & Families Worker, who is more than happy to chat about any queries or concerns you may have, as well as what we can do to support your child in the KidsAlive! setting. 

Term Dates: Summer 2018
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