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APCM 2023

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) for St Nicolas will be held on Monday 17 April 2023 in the church at 8pm.  It will be immediately preceded by the Annual Parishioners Meeting at which we choose our Wardens for the coming year. 

All the notices and other information for the APCM will be included on this page as they are issued.  


There are a number of roles to be filled this year as set out below.  If you feel that you might be able to take one of these and wish to know more please do get in touch with our Rector, Alan Jenkins ( or 01372 635873) or with Amanda Rowland the PCC Secretary at or 07702 678480. 

If you are willing to take a role please would you let Alan Jenkins or Amanda Rowland know as soon as possible as this helps us greatly in managing the process and filling all the available roles. 

Deanery Synod 

We are able to have four representatives from St Nicolas on the Deanery Synod.  This is a three-year role.  Those who represent St Nicolas on Deanery Synod are also members of the PCC and would therefore attend PCC meetings and participate in those discussions.


The nomination form for the Deanery Synod can be downloaded here      . 


The Nomination form for the role of churchwarden can be downloaded here      .  A churchwarden will also be a member of the PCC. 

Elected PCC Member

The Nomination for PCC membership can be downloaded here       . For further information about what the role entails please do speak to Alan Jenkins, Amanda Rowland or a  current  member of PCC (select this link for a list of PCC members).  The Role Description for PCC members can be viewed here        and gives detail about the nature of the role in the life of the church and some formalities which would need to be completed in order to serve on the PCC. 


All those who are chosen to fulfil the roles set out above will need to be able to make the declarations contained in the two forms which can be viewed here      . These are formal requirements which need to be met (Trustee Eligibility and HMRC Fit and Proper Person Declaration). Amanda Rowland as PCC Secretary will be pleased to answer any questions you may have in relation to these. 

Electoral Roll

The annual revision of the electoral roll for St Nicolas is now due and the revision period runs from 12 March to 1 April.  If you are not yet on the electoral roll and would like to add your name or find out what this means please contact Catherine Clark, our Electoral Roll Officer, on or the Parish Office.  Catherine can guide you through what needs to be done and the forms can be downloaded here:

  • Application for Enrolment 

  • GDPR Consent Form 



APCM Documents

Copies of the following documents for the meeting can be downloaded here:

  • Agenda

  • Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022

  • Church Wardens and Church Fabric Report 2022 

  • Draft Minutes of APCM held on 9 May 2022

  • Electoral Roll Changes

  • Church Activities Booklet 



Thank and Think Praise and Prayer

These ideas were contributed by members of the congregation during one of the prayer sessions at our Prayer & Praise Celebration Service. They say what we want to Thank God for; and the ways we Think we might use the building in the future for God’s work here in Bookham. Our service was a reflection on our mission statement. “Building Faith in the Community.”

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