The Church Team

This is by no means everybody involved in the life of the church!  Everyone in the church is part of our Church family and serving in some way.

These are just some of the faces you're likely to come across.

Celeste Rios

Families and Children's Minister

Chris Holloway

Local Licensed Minister

Carole Vaux

Church Warden

Catherine Jager

Church Warden

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Barbara McDonald

Ordained Local Minister

John Lambert

Licensed Lay Minister (LLM)

Gordon Roots

Church Warden

David Gatland

Church Administrator

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David Ireland


Sue Lawrence

Licensed Lay Minister (LLM)

Peter Lutton

Director of Music

Neil McDonald

Church Warden

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There are so many people who serve in our church we could never show you all of them!  The different pages on the site will introduce you to different people and we've put some groups you might want to get in touch with in the buttons on the right to help get you started!