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All Age Services

On the third Sunday of every month in our 4 o'clock service we have an All Age service.  During these services children stay in the Church and we worship together as a whole Church family.  The services are designed to help children of all ages understand what is being said and include engaging activities,  prayers or songs with actions and a short talk which is planned and delivered with children in mind. 


These services are still suitable for adults and offer us a chance to engage with the Bible in a different, but no less wonderful way and whilst the content may be simpler it is still just as powerful and important as the content in any other service.  We also provide a crèche area in Church which babies and toddlers can enjoy whilst still being part of the service. 


All Age services are a chance for anyone no matter how young to meet with God, who made children with a sense of fun and a desire to learn which we aim to promote in these services.

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